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Executive Board & Committees

Middle School Co-Chairs:

Rebecca Isbell & Michele Hulea

The Middle School PTA acts as a bridge between home and school. We welcome parents to take advantage of the many opportunities available to volunteer, whatever your interest. If you would like to help, please let us know!
We encourage all families to join the PTA. PTA dues directly support our programming, affording us the opportunity to present rich and varied complements to the curriculum, and enhance your child’s learning experience.
Communicating with parents is important to us – an email is sent every Sunday to the middle school community with pertinent info, reminders about upcoming events, and spotlighting particular activities.

Committees and Chairs:

Co-chairs: Shelby Harris and Emma Markham

Co-chairs: Alexis Costanzo & Jayanthi Menon

Co-chairs: Angelica Federici & Andrea Dumas

One Friday a month the PTA sponsors Pizza Day – a popular event with the students as they get NY style pizza served by PTA parent volunteers. On Pizza Day students may purchase slices of pizza, in addition to other snacks and drinks.
There will be no cafeteria lunch served on Pizza Days. If your child is not participating in Pizza Day, please send in a lunch.

Co-chairs: Lauren Lucht & Sara Klein

Co-chairs: Michele Hulea & Rebecca Isbell
Co-chairs: Marzena Chioccola
Co-chairs: Gissette Soffer, Thevi Chrzanowski & Hasbleidy Gaenslen
Co-chairs: Angelica Federici

Michelle Masucci

Quick Info

Pizza Day

Unfortunately, due to the safety protocols in place at the Middle School, we are suspending Pizza Day for the 2021/22 school year until further notice. We are hopeful that we will be able to bring back this popular event later in the school year.