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Blackbird Fly


“Eighth grader Apple and her mother moved from the Philippines to Louisiana several years ago after the death of her father. All Apple has left of her dad is a Beatles cassette…At school, her two best friends are trying to become part of the in-group and have become very critical of her, especially after it’s discovered that she is on the unwritten Dog-Log and considered one of the ugliest girls in school. Apple is embarrassed by her mother, who doesn’t speak English well…[and] is desperate to get a guitar so she can learn to play the Beatles songs that her dad loved….When the music teacher loans her a guitar, she discovers that she is something of a prodigy. The story will resonate with any student…who has felt different…” –School Library Journal

  • 2016 Golden Kite Honor Award
  • Paperback
  • Includes Erin Entrada Kelly autographed bookplate
  • Please pick the Grade and Teacher of your student for book delivery.