Todd School Pizza Day Schedule 2019-2020

One Friday a month the PTA sponsors Pizza Day – a popular event with the students as they get NY style pizza served by PTA parent volunteers. A Pizza Day meal includes one slice of cheese pizza, one snack (i.e. fruit gummies, popcorn, pirate booty, ice pop, etc.), and one drink (juice box or bottled water).
The cost for 10 pizza days is $50 per child. Children will not be allowed to participate in Pizza Day unless they prepay for the year. Pizza Day prepayment information will be sent out by your class parents and will be collected at Back-to-School Night. Since the first Pizza Day falls before the Back-to-School Nights, all children who want and can eat pizza will be served a Pizza Day meal. The prepayment collected at the Back-to-School nights will include a retroactive payment for the first Pizza Day.

If your child wants an additional slice of pizza, please send them to school with $3. Additional snacks or drinks are $1 each.

If food allergies are a concern, please make a plan with your child as to whether they will eat pizza and notify his or her teacher. There is an option to pay for just the snack and drink ($20 for the year) if your child cannot have pizza but still would like to participate otherwise.

There will be no cafeteria lunch served on Pizza Days. If your child is not participating in Pizza Day, please send in a lunch.

Every Pizza Day is a Spirit Day! Please encourage your child to wear BLUE and ORANGE to show Briarcliff school spirit.

Todd School Pizza Day Schedule 2019-2020

September 13
October 4
November 1
December 6
January 10
February 7
March 5
April 3
May 1
June 5